About Our Factory


The scope of the project is biomass pyrolysis of tree trimming and wood lump to produce 5000 t/m of charcoal for sale in the local market. An annual amount of approximately 160,000 ton wood lump and biomass residuals and waste is suggested to be fed to a pyrolysis system where it will be converted to charcoal and methane gas. An annual amount of approximately 15,000 of biomass waste will be used in a gasification system to produce thermal energy required to the pyrolysis process The expected annually charcoal production is 60,000 ton at 90% availability. Any kind of waste which contains calories can be easily used in the gasification system.



As known to you all by now that using earth pile to produce charcoal is not the best method, in fact, it has a very devastating effect on the environment, health and economic. that’s why we introduce to you our own model of what is called “SMART KILN”

Economic Benefits

Year round production

Using our technology allows us to produce charcoal all around the year while using conventional method only allow production in summer time.

Energy Saving

The amount of wood needed to generate the energy needed to produce 200 ton/day around the year is 270,000 ton of wood while using our technology save all this amount by generating energy from waste

Society Benefits

Reduce Toxic Emissions

Producing charcoal in turkey with the conventional method generate 420,000 tons of toxic emissions yearly while using our technology making zero emissions.

Recycle Agricultural Waste

Using our charcoal production method enables using agricultural waste for producing charcoal instead of throwing it away or recycling it in other ways.

Environmental Benefits

Saving Land

The land area which our technology is saving is away from the land area which is consuming by conventional method (with conventional method you need 12 m2 to produce one ton while our technology needs 2 square meters to produce one ton.

Local Economic Growth

Using our method of charcoal production enables the locals to have excess income with in return will be very developing for the local economy.

Health Benefits

Savings on Health Expenses

After establishing the factory, locals will not have to use the old method to produce charcoal which will save them from toxic emissions from using old Kiln types.

Raising (QLI) For any city

With all of the old kiln gone there will be no smoke clouds over any city any more and the near villages will also have a clear air which will increase QLI (Quality of Life Index) for this district and it may attract more investments in other sectors as well